Why buy the DBK Coin?

The Reason for Purchasing DBK Coins:

1. DBK Coin holders may receive free coins deposited into their wallets via the DiamondBack Express Club.

2. DBK Coin is a stable means of exchange (Stableprice coin).

3. DBK Coins can be purchased off chain and insured on the DiamondBack Express Platform if desired.

4. DBK Coin functions as a bridge between the cryptocurrency and fiat currency worlds, providing a safe and secure on and off-ramp for cryptocurrency.

5. DBK Coin is substantiated by certified, rare, unique* natural diamonds.

6. DBK Coin can be sent P2P (peer-to-peer), C2B (customer-to-business) or B2B (business-to-business).

7. DBK Coin can be a store-of-value. Many non-asset backed currencies (especially PoS currencies) are susceptible to loss of value.

8. DBK Coin has all the benefits of the Ethereum Blockchain and as a Stableprice coin, can be deployed across various exchanges and trading platforms, as well as other blockchains.

9. DBK Coin’s utility as a payment coin facilitates usage within a closed-loop environment, as a private membership coin for Members to use between one another, e.g. DiamondBack Express Club.

10. Tokenizing assets levels the playing field and gives everyone an opportunity to take advantage of an asset class that was once reserved for the few.

11. DBK Coin, in concert with exchanges and trading platforms listing DBK Coin, will provide access to financial services to those who could not historically access them.

12. DBK Coin’s ‘store-of-value’ function provides several economic benefits to the savings of the unbanked and underbanked. Particularly, it may protect them from inflation in their local currency.

13. DBK Coin purchasers may choose to use their DBK coins to purchase diamonds at wholesale rates through the DiamondBack Express Club.

Coin Issuing and Fulfillment Entities

DiamondBackEU OU is registered and licensed in Estonia and the issuing company for the DBK Coin, e-wallet, and exchange services. Its mission is to provide a paradigm shift in the use of a Stableprice payment coin and to pioneer the development of a digital currency substantiated* by diamonds with an ecosystem using DLT and Blockchain, which delivers benefits across borders in a highly regulated industry.

Competitive Landscape / Diamond-Substantiated Coins

Although there were several cryptocurrencies that have used diamonds or other assets in their business model, thus far, in the exchange traded Stablecoin market, there are none that could be considered a competitor. However, due to the continuing robust demand for stablecoins, the finite assets in question, and the broad potential applications of a diamond substantiated Stableprice coin, any competitors do not preclude one another’s long-term success. One company in this sector has garnered the attention of one of the world’s largest financial players the Blackrock Group, indicating large growth in the future. However, none of the companies have created an accessible business that can be used by everyone. Their focus has been more geared toward diamond trading versus providing a useful differentiated Stableprice coin.

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