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Strategic Relationships and Service Providers:

Brinks Global – Worldwide Diamond Secured Storage Facilities

Clifford Chance – Legal Services – New York –

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) – Diamond Grading System

MarkID – KYC/AML Platform (EU)

PricewaterhouseCooper Cooper (PwC)–Business Advisory Services – Bermuda

Chancery Legal – Legal Services – Bermuda

Rapaport Information Services recognized World Diamond Pricing System

Willis Towers Watson, Lloyds of London Syndicate, – Diamond Insurance


While most of the technology surrounding how we receive payments, store money and make payments has changed, the essence and nature of money has not. Even though humans can perform peer to peer transactions, you are still faced with the inherent weaknesses of fiat currencies.

The DBK Coin is cryptographically secure substantiated Stableprice payment coin, aimed at providing the world’s 2 billion unbanked and underbanked people with a stable currency that is substantiated* by the value of the Diamond Trust containing rare unique natural diamonds. DBK Coins will start and grow organically based on market demand. DBK is designed to be the best Store-of-Value, Medium-of-Exchange and Unit-of-Account available for the world’s diverse populations, and functionally become the bridge between the crypto and fiat worlds.

While Bitcoin is flawlessly filling the need for an immutable permission-less distributed ledger, DBK seeks to be the bridge between the 95+% of the population that are not yet cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Much of the current crypto landscape is an opportunity to gain wealth, but for the common person it is too risky. DiamondBack aims to create a wealth storage mechanism with as little risk as possible and provide a mechanism that counteracts the inflation found in fiat currencies. For most of the world, outside of DBK, nearly all cryptocurrencies that can earn value are a luxury that is not affordable.

DiamondBack provides solutions that support the blockchain enthusiast, the computer novice who needs to be able to reset their password or insure their coins, and everyone in between. The static price of DBKs allow it to be used on all blockchains, for all people, regardless of education or computer skill level. All that is required is a basic device, internet access and basic comprehension ability to enjoy the benefits of DBK.

DiamondBack's philosophy of “Adoption through Assimilation” creates a mechanism for organic growth. Daily, consumers must have the assurance and trust that the money they use today is as useful tomorrow; that they can have confidence in it. DBK fills a void of stability in both the crypto and fiat economies. This niche provides open access to “everyone, everywhere, everyday” to have a financial presence which allows the banking of the un-banked and creates the on-ramp for mass adoption for all.

Contact Information

• DiamondBackEU OÜ, Registry code 14658690

Tornimae tn 7-55, Kesklinna linnaosa

Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia-10145

• DiamondBack Group of Companies

1200 Brickell Ave, Suite 1800

Miami, Florida 33131 USA Phone: +1-305-351-1815

Phone: 1-833-DBK-COIN (USA-Toll Free) Website:

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