What Problems does DBK Solve?

At the onset, DBK Coin is solving 4 primary problems.

1. Owning DBK Coins provides opportunities to receive more coins, which can offset inflation and grow coin holder's net worth while traditional money decreases in value over time.

2. DBK Coin provides a payment and remittance medium for people who are currently excluded from the mainstream financial system - the unbanked and underbanked. These people, who reside mainly in the developing world, account for more than half of the global adult population. These populations are also experiencing the majority of the world’s population growth (as opposed to populations who are currently banked, which are contracting in terms of native population) and are comprised predominantly of young people (which will foster adoption).

3. Besides the fluctuating value of local fiat currencies, most often in a negative direction, the unbanked or underbanked face a third challenge; often, a large portion of the money they receive in life, and in some cases the vast majority, is through international remittances from family members who work abroad. Exorbitant fees are routinely levied on these remittances and family members frequently must wait for extended periods of time to receive their money.

4. DBK Coin also solves the non-trivial problem of asset portability, the lack thereof often having a major impact on these populations.

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