DBK Coin Usage & Utility

Individuals / Members:

Cryptocurrency users vary widely: Users can include consumers, members, short-term traders, long term investors (holders); online shoppers looking to avoid traditional financial system fees; those looking to remit payments globally; users in developing countries looking for access to financial systems; or traders looking to earn daily profits.

DBK Coins bring the following benefits to individual users:

● transactions in USD valued coins without any intermediaries

● avoidance of the risk of storing fiat in a bank or on an exchange

● no requirement to open a traditional bank account to store fiat currency

● use of Blockchain technology to transact and remit globally at a lower cost than traditional financial systems

● a digital asset, substantiated by physical assets that have historically retained value over the long term

● access to the diamond market at wholesale costs

The DBK Coin ultimately allows purchasers to transact without the restrictive barriers of entry to traditional financial systems. DBK Coins allow purchasers to benefit from Blockchain attributes, without exposure to the volatility characteristic of so many other cryptocurrencies. Anyone who can access the internet and satisfy the Company’s KYC / AML / ATF compliance is eligible.

Merchants / Vendors / Companies:

There is a global need for an inexpensive and efficient payment solution to allow merchants to transact with consumers, other businesses, vendors and companies with less friction than that presently found in emerging financial systems.

Use of the DBK Coin will provide merchants, vendors, and companies with the following:

● a stable price of goods and services as DBK Coin is valued to the USD.

● avoidance of expensive conversion and withdrawal fees associated with standard cryptocurrency conversions through strategic partnerships with established cryptocurrency exchanges, Forex, and trading platforms.

● prevention of chargebacks associated with credit card charges which subject merchants to fees despite not having completed a sale.

● merchants can accept DBK Coin as an alternative to other volatile crypto or fiat currencies.

● Cross-border multi-national companies can conduct business transactions using USD valued DBK Coin.

Most exchanges face the following challenges:

● accepting fiat deposits and processing withdrawals using traditional financial systems is complicated, inefficient, expensive and can pose legal difficulties

● exorbitant fees for small value transfers

● transfer times of 3 to 7 days for international wire transfers to clear

● unfavorable currency conversion fees

subject to compliance policies that may not allow for cryptocurrency transactions

● overall high transaction fees

Exchanges gain the following benefits from the DBK Coin:

● listing a cryptocurrency substantiated by a secure, insured and audited physical asset with sustainable value

● less friction than inherent in traditional financial systems

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