Long-Term Vision / Strategy

Long-Term Strategy:

Introducing the DBK Coin to the market is the first step in a much grander strategy. DiamondBack intends to grow its ecosystem organically through DiamondBack Express, a ‘Members Only’ club of Consumers, Merchants, Vendors and Companies that agree and accept the value of the DBK Coin at 1 USD, and to use it as a payment coin for goods and services within the Membership.

DiamondBack’s vision will by its nature encourage adoption and strengthen the relationship between consumers, merchants, governments, and those in need. The first and primary mission is to deliver the DBK Coin and Trust Model to the world through our distribution channels. As part of this process there are projects and initiatives, both private and public, that can be enhanced by utilizing the DBK Coin.

DiamondBack’s strategy is to integrate the DBK Stableprice payment coin into global digital exchanges and traditional financial systems via their innovative payment platform, thus creating an environment for ‘Adoption through Assimilation’. The DBK Coin’s ability to become acceptable form of payment and be used as an alternative currency is paramount.

As the DBK Coin ecosystem continues to grow DBK Coin as an alternative currency, the concept of inflation-proof ‘Sound Money’ of having intrinsic value and being substantiated* by investment-grade diamonds, will be of importance and can grow as a new diamond commodity class.

Part of DiamondBack’s 10-year plan is the establishment of a DiamondBack Foundation, which will serve to encourage the use of DBK Coin and Blockchain technology in humanitarian projects. Everyone can agree there are worthwhile projects and goals that are purely humanitarian in nature. The DiamondBack Foundation is part of that mission of the founders, to build an ecosystem accessible to all people. If purchasers learn and understand that eventually their actions inside the network will help go towards funding much needed projects and developments, this will also grow the network. The platform adoption rates will improve.

The long-term goal is to turn DiamondBack into a trust owned by humanity, where all profits go towards improving the planet. This will encourage people to understand that when they join the DiamondBack ecosystem, they are doing something good for themselves, everyone else. The result of overall plan will likely be a Digital Autonomous Organization or DAO like structure with the majority of the processes involved being automated, and any non-automatable processes for DiamondBack to be voted upon by the DAO.

As technology continues to advance, transaction costs will decrease. Fair pricing based on choice and access and the inclusion of everyone is a recipe for success. Burdensome and predatory fees make it expensive to be poor inside the reigning financial paradigm, so much so, that too many people are excluded today.

The DBK Coin is designed for Everyone. Everywhere. Everyday.

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