Be sure to read Disclaimers and Forward-Looking Statements at the bottom of the table of contents before making any decisions in regards to DiamondBack DBK tokens. The DiamondBack DBK Token / Coin is a Stableprice payment coin that allows holders to connect payment solutions worldwide. Traditional financial systems in developing countries around the world have deprived approximately 2 billion people of the benefit of savings and wealth building (1). This is due to their local currencies declining by 10% or more of their value to the USD$ in 2018 (2). DBKs provide innovative access to something virtually everybody needs... money. The DBK Coin enables an on-demand system that solves the current problems of traditional financial systems. The DiamondBack ecosystem will be a ‘transactability bridge’ between traditional payments and the future Blockchain based systems. Because of the problems and market inefficiencies DiamondBack tokens solve, the Company expects massive demand from all types of people and businesses.

With DiamondBack’s innovative Stableprice model, not only does DiamondBack solve the above challenges, DBKs are also useable for businesses and corporations in a way that currently crypto/digital currencies are not. DiamondBack is poised to scale in this inflationary environment and beyond as the future of finance, Money 3.0. The DBK Coin will be used as a Stableprice payment coin on digital currency exchanges and as a stable, store-of-value, credit payment vehicle using the benefits of Blockchain technology coupled with the Diamond Trust as a substantiating mechanism for the value of the coin.

The DBK Coin Trust Model is integral for the acceptance and trust of purchasers to purchase DBK Coins during a coin offering. For the safety and security of DBK Coin purchasers, will be secured in safekeeping vaults at Brink’s Global storage facilities, insured by Lloyd’s of London syndicate Willis Towers Watson, and held in trust by a 3rd party trustee, Winchester Global Trust. This custody structure will undergo an annual inventory and assurance review of the Diamond Trust by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). PwC is a business advisor to the Company and its affiliates on the project.

1 http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/population-by-country/

2 https://www.focus-economics.com/blog/emerging-market-currency-crisis-everything-you-need-to-know

* The term investment-grade does not constitute any relationship to an investment but references only to a class of top-quality stones traditionally accepted as most valuable.

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