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DiamondBack Design Philosophy:

DiamondBack chose to issue the DBK Coin on the Ethereum network (ERC-20 smart contract compliant token) because of its prevalence in the market and is only interested in the placement of the assets on the Blockchain for Trust purposes. DBK Coins will function both within the Ethereum ecosystem, as well as, the DiamondBack Express, platform as well as other partner payment systems as they are established.

As the protocol grows, DiamondBack may consider building DBK Coin on its own platform and offer DBK Coin as a seamless way to transfer over from the Ethereum Blockchain. We are Blockchain agnostic and the valuation of the DBK Coin can be placed on any viable Blockchain. The cross-chain valuation is simple and easy to implement as it is nothing more than an accounting function, which will be conducted through the Trust Model. No matter what Blockchain the DBK Coins are listed on, the purchaser of a DBK Coin will have confidence the values will remain the same.

Business Model:

ATTENTION “*s” in this whitepaper refer to the contents of this section:

DiamondBack (DBK) is a Stableprice payment coin. The value of DBK coins do not change. One advantage of owning DiamondBack is the ability to use DBKs for worldwide commerce and as a Stableprice coin for crypto trading. The main reason non-fiat digital currency is not widely used for currency today is because the price fluctuates making it impossible to calculate consistent margins.

If you see the words “asset-backed”, “pegged”, “benchmarked”, or “1 to 1 ratio” etc., in any DiamondBack material, it is important to remember that marketing material is updated often, old marketing materials could pertain to old variations of the business model, and while we are in the process of patenting our business model and other components of the DiamondBack business, please note: what “asset-backed”, “pegged”, “benchmarked”, “1 to 1 ratio’, etc. simply means in regards to DiamondBack is for every 1 USD received for DBKs, 1 USD equivalent of wholesale diamond value is placed in the third-party diamond trust which is referred to the Diamond Trust or Diamond Trust Reserve.

There is no intent or guarantee we will buy your 1 DBK for 1 USD. There is also no intent or guarantee we will not, as we build up liquidity over time. We do not have a complicated formula to maintain a peg or adjust to current prices or market conditions to maintain certain parameters. Pegging, benchmarking, backing, substantiating etc. should be viewed to mean simply, for each 1 USD DiamondBack (DBK) token brings in, 1 USD equivalent of wholesale value of high quality ultra-rare diamond is placed in the Diamond Trust Reserve. We believe that providing clarity and transparency, as well as maintaining an eloquent simplicity, is why DiamondBack will succeed in ways no other company has thus far.

We must be crystal clear on this issue, as we do not want anyone to be misled, and sometimes marketing materials are made and distributed without permission. While we do our best to limit this as any company that has a referral program can, there will always be unscrupulous promoters and that is the last thing we want to have happen. This document, as well as the token purchase agreement, terms and conditions, and other disclaimers (also included in the white paper) supersede any marketing material, white paper, video, website etc.

While you hold DBK coins and participate in the DiamondBack Express Club, you may earn rewards. These rewards are added to your wallet in the form of additional DBK coins, USD, or regional fiat currency. Rewards are added to DiamondBack Express member’s wallets periodically as determined by market factors and activity. This is not to be confused with “staking” or a “proof of stake model.” There are no specific incentives or rewards promised for “locking up” coins for any particular period of time in DiamondBack Express.

Coin bonuses are not to be viewed as an investment return that is predicated on the performance of assets or management, but rather a new way to participate in the evolution of digital currency, alternative payment solutions. DiamondBack Express, a private membership group of individuals, merchants and companies agree to use DBKs as a Stableprice payment coin for the purchase or sale of goods and services between one another. By participating in DiamondBack Express activities, you will earn rewards and coins to be added to your wallets.

Each DBK coin is always priced at 1 USD, however there are programs and specials that may enable purchasers to get more than 1 DBK per USD. There are also rewards and incentives for referrals and exchange bonuses, and incentives for using the coins for commerce.

DBK coins/tokens are not directly connected to an individual diamond or diamonds. The diamonds are stored by Brinks, the most widely known secure storage facility for Diamonds and Gold in the world, insured by Lloyds of London syndicate, Willis Towers Watson, and audited by the world-famous PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). However, what makes DiamondBack even more unique, is that the diamonds are stored, managed, and held in a trust by an internationally well-respected and established third-party global trust. This removes the risk of DiamondBack management absconding with diamonds, creditors or investors trying to liquidate diamonds, and essentially guarantees that the diamonds will stay safe and sound for years to come no matter what happens in this changing world. This is the lowest risk situation for the diamonds that DiamondBack management could imagine.

What does this mean for the coin holder? DBK coins do not directly correlate to diamonds. One can choose to use coins to purchase diamonds or use coins to purchase other goods and services that are available from being a member of DiamondBack Express. Coins do not provide any claim to the Diamond Trust Reserve.

So, why is the Diamond Trust valuable to a DBK coin holder then? The Diamond Trust guards value. The Trust is not directly tied to the coins in legal terms, the two entities are separate. Because of the Trust, DBK token holders cannot be exposed to a corporate raider or a hostile takeover attempting to gain ownership of the diamonds. If necessary, the Trust can continue in perpetuity, as well as the DBK ERC-20 tokens without input from DiamondBack. This means that your DBK coins will work and be substantiated by the Trust regardless of the performance or non-performance of DiamondBack management. This distinction removes DBK from being a “security”, which allows you to sell it without a broker, use to make purchases, and earn referral fees and bonuses which allows the potential network effect of DBK to be global.

The more of these extremely rare diamonds are added to the Diamond Reserve Trust, the lower the circulation of these upper echelon stones remain in the market, creating a depleting supply of these rare diamonds.

DiamondBack Express reserves the right to add tokens/coins to members’ wallets. DiamondBack is not a security, there can be no promised return and the price of the coin is stable. As acceptance and membership grows within DiamondBack Express, DBK coin holders may receive additional coins in their wallets that help DBK’s ecosystem grow throughout the world.

DiamondBack Express is an entity that is free to join and has no minimum purchase to participate. The function of the club is to enable DBK to become a stable payment mechanism across the globe.

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